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Women's Summit - Gala

今年のチャリティガーラはASHOKA JAPAN様をサポート致します。

ASHOKA JAPANは【EVERYONE A CHANGEMAKER】というスローガンのもと、一人ひとりが「社会を変える」という意識と覚悟と能力を持つ社会を築くことを目指しています。THE CHOICEとして、「チェンジメーカーの発掘と支援」というASHOKA JAPANの活動に共感し、今年のチャリティGALAで支援することと致しました。

社会人として、キャリアを構築し成功するだけでなく、その成果を社会へ還元し貢献することは不可欠とTHE CHOICEは信じています。そして、THE CHOICEに携わるすべての方々が高い志を共にし、チャリティGALAにご参加頂けることに感謝しています。

GALAにはASHOKA JAPAN代表の渡邊奈々様にお越し頂き、ご活動内容や今後の発展についてご発表頂きます。当日はラッフルプライズも準備しておりますので、皆様奮ってご参加ください!

THE CHOICE will support ASHOKA JAPAN this year.

ASHOKA, founded back in 1980 in Washington D.C., envisions a world in which everyone is a changemaker, with the world's leading network of social entrepreneurs committed to the ultimate goal. They have been engaged in discovering individuals who can address the fundamental structural problems by changing ideas, namely “ASHOKA Fellows.” It has been the main pillar of their activities for the past 40 years, differentiating them from charity programs we see, those reaching out to more visible social issues. They elect "ASHOKA Fellows" in their global network and now support 3,700 social entrepreneurs in 92 countries. 

In 2000, ASHOKA came to an agreement that it is essential to have the younger generation involved as future changemakers to build a better world, not only searching for new fellows, and began to enhance children's creativity and ability to make changes. ASHOKA JAPAN was established in 2011 as the first base in East Asia. Currently, they have 37 country offices across the globe.

DATE: November 16, 2019
VENUE: Tokyo Midtown, 4F
HOSTS: Chi Otsuka & Kyoko Gasqueres

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